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How to Feel GOOD When There's so Much BAD

In the world today and in recent months, we as people have been facing many challenges or at the least, have been exposed to countless, painful events. With commercial planes being attacked, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, elevator fights, the shooting of Michael Brown and now, this recent Isis concern, it has become difficult to feel safe in our daily lives. We are constantly hearing words like destroy, death, violence, war, punishment, threat and attack. These words are heavy and can have a large impact on our emotional being when heard repetitively and in a relatable context.

It is important that during these times we can find solace and trust in safety. I have personally found myself questioning what "good" was and if it only existed in the presence of "bad". The only answer I could find is that we have to choose to live out the good in order to feel safer, happier and more competent, even in times of bad. Here are a few ideas to promote good, feel good, and live good.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

It can be difficult to be positive alone, especially when the world around you is crumbling

Join a yoga class and visit at least 3-5 times a week

  • yoga instructors create an environment and use language that promotes safety, trust, and peace

  • yoga can help a person feel reconnected to not only themselves, but to something more vast which helps create more meaning to life

  • the practice of yoga centers and strengthens the body and when one feels physcially strong, it is easier to feel safe and content in the world

Become a volunteer or be a part of a philanthropy project

  • helping others can promote a sense of fulfillment, empowerment and hope which in turn, can help the mind feel safer and more at ease

  • by spreading love and joy to others, you are already taking steps towards making a change rather than promoting more violence to exist

Attend a faith-based place of worship

  • it can be helpful to feel reconnected to your spiritual side and gain insight into your core beliefs and values

  • share beliefs, problems and opinions with others to help create a sense of community and belonging

  • getting in touch with a higher being can be inspirational and can help create a deeper sense of feeling loved and protected

Gain Knowledge

By bringing awareness and insight into the topics at stake, you can feel more in control of the things that seem so distant and unmanageable

Hit up a bookstore or do a Google search

  • reading a book about the history, culture and people of ISIS could help you develop a deeper understanding of the problem and feel more in control

  • catching up with the news or reading up on your current events may enhance your awareness to what is happening around you and therefore, help you feel more empowered and competent

"Knowledge is power and empowerment brings peace"

Conquer and Achieve

To overcome an obstacle or to feel a sense of accomplishment can help people feel genuinely happier and more content in their current lives

Finish a project

  • grab your scrapbooks, art supplies, recipe books, or even a project you started a while back that is shoved in the closet and complete it

  • finishing a project requires commitment and focus and can provide meaning to the day/week

  • using creativity and imagination isn't just for kids; adults can feel the benefits of being crafty such as feeling free and happy, expressing feelings outwardly, and ultimately, being more in control of outcome

Travel minimally

  • try getting cross country without using your GPS but instead, use a map or speak with the locals to promote connectivity to others and to strengthen your sense of direction

  • if finances allow it, travel abroad and experience culture shock and language barriers; nothing makes a person feel more appreciative and grounded in their lives than experiencing first-hand, a different style of living

  • instead of boarding a cruise ship or staying at an all-inclusive resort, try finding a hidden gem that locals recommend and/or creating a paradise out of bare minimal to experience simplicity and pure appreciation

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