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Infertility Counseling

Yogology's Infertility Counseling service offers comprehensive support for couples and individuals struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss.


Services include advocacy, psychoeducation, and resources for dealing with the tough emotions of loss and anxiety around infertility and treatments. Additionally, our infertility specialists provide couples and individual therapy, as well as mindfulness and meditation exercises to bring peacefulness and calm during this rollercoaster journey.

During our counseling sessions, you can expect a warm and non-judgmental environment where you can freely express your emotions, whether they are grief, anger, bitterness, sadness or frustration. Our therapists understand the complex emotions associated with infertility and pregnancy loss and they also know the effective coping skills that can make your process a tad more manageable. We are committed to helping you build resilience, find hope, and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead, regardless of the outcome. Contact today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward healing and growth.

You Are Not Alone...

Around 17.5% of the adult population,
roughly 1 in 6 worldwide experience infertility.

-World Health Organization

infertility support and wellness

How can therapy help?

Communication & Relationship Enhancement

communication and relationship enhancement

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help with grief and loss

Image by Siim Lukka

mind-body healing

Image by Baim Hanif

supportive community connections

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

stress and anxiety management

Reading Glasses on Book

education and advocacy

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build boundaries and empowerment

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