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Couples Yoga

Couples face a lot of unique challenges and can often find themselves losing trust and intimacy in one another. Partner yoga increases emotional and physical growth between those practicing and can enhance respect, compassion, and understanding. It can be difficult to tell your partner how you really feel or express your deepest thoughts/feelings through words. Couples yoga encourages and assists in a process that uses very little communication and in fact, allows the couple to be present and interactive with one another without much dialect. This is influential in decreasing judgement or criticism, developing deeper and more profound connections, and in helping partners establish more trust in one another. Couples yoga can help with infidelity and trust issues, lack of affection and sexual fulfillment, boundary issues, and disconnection and loneliness. It is time to feel perfeclty comfortable with your other half.

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Individual Therapy

You are not alone. Individual therapy is focused on enhancing a deeper understanding of the self in order to begin healing. If you are experiencing grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, and/or would like to gain better control and insight of yourself, then therapy may be a good decision. I can safely help you look at your past sufferings and recognize how they may still be affecting your current relationships. Using emotion-focused, mindfulness, and systemic approaches, I am confident that I can help you on your journey towards self-discovery, healing, and control

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Private Yoga

If you are looking for more intimate yoga instructions, if you would like more attention to proper alignment and specific postures or if you are not comfortable learning yoga in crowded classes, private yoga lessons may be the right fit for you. Through my ongoing studies and personal practice, I have landed comfortably in the Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga styles. Yoga to me is more about the way you feel before, during and after a practice rather than how you look. I pay attention to the physical body and assist with alignment, injuries and adjustments that deepen your practice, but my best work arises in the energetic body. My goal is to help you release any struggles you may be having physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Family Therapy

There are various issues that families encounter that can feel unmanageable at times. However, with effective and consistent structure and better communication styles, there is room for growth. I have spent a lot of my practice working with families in high-risk situations who face countless life stressors. I use a systemic model when working with families that assists in long lasting change. I can help with parenting skills, parent-child relationships, and high family conflict. If you are feeling overwhelmed, therapy could be right for you.

Couples / Marital Counseling

Are you tired of arguing or feeling mis-understood by your partner? There is hope. Couples face a lot of dilemmas including affairs, intimacy issues, distrust, and communication difficulties. With an emotion-focused approach, I can help couples learn to communicate more affectively, become less blameful, and express feelings/desires more appropriately. I have experience working with divorce, high-conflict marriages, and pre-marital counseling. Change is possible in each of us, we just need some guidance along the way.

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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

After experiencing trauma, it becomes difficult to feel at peace with ourselves and the world around us. More importantly, we feel that we have lost a sense of control of our minds and physical being. I use an integrated treatment modality combining meditation, breathing techniques, and asanas (yoga postures) to help relax the mind and body and help trauma survivors gain better control over their triggers. Trauma-sensitive yoga is gentle in approach and is tailored to each person in order to provide the right pace and healing process.

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