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Rocks Balancing Symbolizing Mind Body Wellness

Mind Body


Meditation Therapy at Sunset


Whether you're looking to sort through difficult issues personally or within your relationship, therapy assists in the process of self discovery and lasting change. Talk therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), EFT (emotion focused therapy), MBT (mindfulness based therapy), and more, are common modalities practiced here at Yogology.

A peaceful mind isn't necessarily silent or always positive. Rather, it's aware of it all; the good, bad, distant and near. A peaceful and healthy mind are cultivated when we become witness to our inner selves and our outer worlds. An unhealthy mind is the result of trying to control and attach. If you seek a healthy mind, click below. 

Yoga Therapy near Philadelphia


What better way to move into healing than the ancient practice of Yoga? Find connection to your mind, body and soul in order to create peace and healing, even during troubled times. Yogology offers private and couples yoga sessions as well as meditation, breathing and chakra balancing services.

Our bodies, as unique as they are, hold so many of our experiences. With body work, including Reiki, Yoga, and other forms of movement, we learn to identify these spaces and release [..]

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