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Find Calm ~ Find Peace ~ Find You

Enjoy these free guided meditations.


Meditation can be used as a form of self-therapy to assist with stressful situations and increase self-awareness. If you would like to learn more about meditation and other yoga practices. Please book a session with Lindsay today. 

Benefits of Meditation Include:

  • Improved Concentration

  • Reduction of Negative Thought Patterns

  • Increase of Positive Emotions

  • Increase of Self-Awareness and Acceptance

  • Improvement of Overall Well-Being


Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access. 

She Let GoLindsay Bauer
00:00 / 03:58
Yoga NidraLindsay Bauer
00:00 / 20:30
Let GoLindsay Bauer
00:00 / 06:36
Body ScanLindsay Bauer
00:00 / 06:36
Anxiety ReliefLindsay Bauer
00:00 / 05:25
AwakeningLindsay Bauer
00:00 / 11:01
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